Smitty’s is constantly sourcing new and exciting game products. Listed below is just the beginning of an unlimited line of exotic specialties. Products are seasonal and not always available, please call to find out what is currently available.

Buffalo/BisonNatural Tender VenisonAlligator
Brisket (*special order)Denver Leg (**$19.99)Ribs (*special order)
Steamship (*special order)Bones (*special order)Tenderloin (**$8.99)
Chuck Roll (*special order)Leg BI (*special order)Tail Meat (*special order)
Top Round (*special order)Striploin (*special order)
Ground Buffalo (**$11.99 )Shoulder Stew (*special order)Racks (*special order)
Eye Round (*special order)Ground VenisonAntelope
Buffalo Burgers (*special order)Meat (*special order)Saddle (**$19.99)
Osso Bucco (*special order)Leg Smoked (*special order)Shoulder (*special order)
Short RibOsso Bucco 2" (*special order)Loin (*special order)
Export RibShoulder Smkd (*special order)Elk
Back RibTenderloin (**$34.99)Denver Leg (*special order)
109 RibFlank (*special order)Rib Back (*special order)
Ribeye (**$29.99)Shortloin Bnls (*special order)Rack (*special order)
Top Butt (*special order)Saddle (*special order)Tenderloin (*special order)
Top Butt 2pc (*special order)Frenched Rack (**$29.99)Wild Boar
Striploin 1x1 FreshShoulder
Striploin Steak(**$29.99)French Rack
Tenderloin PSMO


Rabbit meat is high in protein and low in fat. Frying Rabbits weigh 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 lbs. (**$8.99)

Legs (**$14.99)

*Special Order when available. Price will be the current market price.

**Price per pound and subject to change without notice.