lambDomestic Lamb

A fantastic nuance on the most sophisticated menu. Only the freshest domestic western range lamb available in the United States. Heavy loins and racks are our specialty. Once again our supplier partnerships and confidence in the product provide a cutting edge for our customers.


Frenched Racks Cap On

Loin Chop Close Trim, Frenched Racks, California Cleaned

Loin Chop E/E 1″ Tail, French Rib Chop, California Cleaned

Leg Frenched Semi-Bnls, Frenched Rip Chop

Leg Steak, Loin Brt Special Trim

Stew Meat

Loin Chop Ready 1×1

Australian Lamb

Australian Lamb products are easy and economical to use, and always of consistent taste and tenderness. With a range of custom cuts — from frenched rack to boneless legs—we satisfy a wide variety of menu requirements and cooking styles, from simple to sophisticated.


Frenched Rack, 17/up

Bnls Loin Eye, 6/8oz

Mini Frenched Rack, 8/11oz

You can test for doneness by simply prodding the lamb with your finger: When it has a springy but firm texture and is moderately juicy, the lamb is done. The firmer the feel of the meat, the more well-done it is.

Most people prefer lamb when it’s medium-rare or medium, but lamb is also delicious when cooked well-done. Whichever way you prefer, here’s a handy guide to use when cooking Australian lamb:

Degree of Doneness
Internal Temperature and Description
Approximate Oven Roasting Time
Touch Test
Rare: 120-130°FInternal appearance very red; very moist with warm juices 20-25 min./lb. at 360°FPlus 8-10 min. resting Soft
Medium-rare: 130-140°FInternal appearance lighter red; very moist with warm juices 25-30 min./lb. at 360°FPlus 8-10 min. resting Soft, slightly spongy and springy
Medium (with a touch of pink): 140-150°FInternal appearance pink red color; moist with clear pink juice 30-35 min./lb. at 360°FPlus 8-10 min. resting Slightly firm and springy
Well-done: 150-165°FInternal appearance no pink or red, slightly moist with clear juices 35-40 min./lb. at 360°FPlus 8-10 min. resting Firm