Our yacht provisioning is designed specifically to meet the provisioning needs of the world’s finest super yachts. We specialize exclusively in the highest quality meats, seafood, and poultry on the planet! Looking for an exotic meat or seafood?

Our time-honored experience servicing the most discriminating chefs at the world’s finest, hotels, restaurants, and aboard yachts of all sizes. Our quality product surpasses anything you can purchase on the open market. Unless specified, each item is individually vacuumed packed and frozen to maintain the highest quality and freshness, special requests for fresh product is no problem.

We have chosen the most common cuts and sizes for our products; however, we will customize each item to meet your specific owner’s desires. For example, thicker steaks, custom trimmed, frenched, no problem! Just leave your unique requests at the “detailed instructions” window at the time of checkout.

Remember when our product is brought aboard your super yacht we have packed almost thirty years of yacht provisioning experience into your order and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We are experts at servicing large orders and delivering them almost anywhere in the seafaring world. Your wish is our pleasure.